About Question Paper

1. Questions will be displayed on the computer screen one at a time. In order to move to the next/ previous question, click on "Next"/ "Previous" button at the bottom of the screen/ click on the question number at the top right hand corner of the screen.
2. The Question Paper consists of 100 Questions, 25 each in four sections of Quantitative Ability, Logical reasoning, Verbal Ability and General Awareness. You will be given one and half hours i.e. 90 minutes.
3. The sequence of sections will be as mentioned above i.e. question 1-25 will be on quantitative ability, question 26-50 will be on Logical reasoning, question 51-75 will be on Verbal ability and question 76-100 will be on GK. Candidate can attempt any question in any section by moving directly to respective section/ question by clicking on the question no. in box shown in top right hand corner.
4. Do not spend too much time on any question. It is advised to also distribute time among the sections appropriately since each section has individual sectional cut-off.
5. Each question will have 4 or 5 alternatives, out of which only one will be the correct answer. Each question will carry 3 marks only. 6. There will negative marking for incorrect answers. For every wrong response, 1 mark will be deducted.

About answering the questions

1. The candidates have been given "Sample Test Questions" to practice before they start answering the "Examination Questions".
2. The candidate must "Mouse-click" the alternative he/ she feels is correct. The said alternative will be highlighted and shall be treated as the answer given by the candidate for the question. In case the candidate does not wish to attempt the question then he should not click on any option for that question.
3. The candidate can choose to deselect his/ her answer by clicking the "Erase Answer" link provided against the question.
4. The questions may be answered in any order within the given time.
5. The question numbers of attempted and unattempted questions is also shown in the top right hand corner. You can click on any of the question numbers to view the question, in order to attempt/ revise your answer to the question.
6. The number of attempted and unattempted questions is also displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen. The unattempted question numbers are highlighted in yellow.
7. To move back and forth between questions, candidates can use the "Next"/ "Previous" button/ or can click on the question number displayed at the top right hand corner of the screen.
8. The answers are saved whenever the candidate navigates i.e., by clicking on "Next"/ "Previous" button/ or clicking on the question number displayed at the top right hand corner of the screen.
9. After the expiry of 90 mins, the candidates will not be able to attempt any question or check their answers. The answers of the candidate would be saved automatically by the computer system even if he/ she has not clicked the "Submit" button.