Aptitude testing is most common assessment technique being utilized in today's highly competitive environment for screening candidates. Right from organizations who hire new talent to educational institutes conducting entrance tests to various state & central govt staff selection boards, aptitude assessment has become a norm to assess quality of a candidate. These aptitude tests judge the candidate on various subjects like Quantitative skills, Verbal skills, Reasoning skills, etc. The philosophy behind so much reliance on aptitude assessment is that in today's ever-changing volatile markets, a candidate who is having good aptitude will be highly adaptive and can pick up new skill very fast while a functional expert with below average aptitude may very soon become a liability for the organization.


In India, there is a big pool of resources that graduates from various colleges every year and a large portion of these students are not exposed to aptitude assessment. By virtue of the way education is imparted in India, focus is completely on functional skills and though personality development initiatives are gaining traction, emphasis on basic thinking skills is yet to become an integral part of the education.


Sify's scientifically designed aptitude tests, not only aims at equipping you with real time experience of online aptitude tests, but also provide information on test patterns, evaluation criteria and solution approach for various types of questions asked in aptitude assessment. Once you have taken the test, you will be provided with a performance report capturing the details of incorrect responses, corresponding correct responses & explanation of the solution. The test will be of 90 mins duration covering 25 questions each from Quantitative ability, Verbal ability, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness areas.


So go ahead, take a deep breath and get ready to squeeze the last drop of intelligence from your grey cells. Well, your dreams are worth it.


Happy learning!!


1. Charges for taking the test shall be Rs. 210.
2. No of attempts shall be 2.
3. Payment gateway has been integrated for Credit/Debit Card payment.


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